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Our Experienced Staff

When you book with one of Lash Out Loud Beauty Boutique's technicians you connect yourself with a quality service experience from a professional dedicated to making you shine and feel great.


Kerri Ashby

Beautician and Founder

Kerri is a 7 year Florida licensed esthetician, and has 10 years of experience in the beauty industry. She graduated with her esthetician license from the North Florida Cosmetology School in 2013 and has worked in various capacities within the beauty industry. These include lash studios, private spas, and medical centers. In addition, she is the owner and operator of Lash Out Loud Beauty Boutique LLC, which specializing in eyelash extension, face/body waxing, facials treatments and chemical peel treatments. Kerri has a vast knowledge and passion for eyelash extension designs, brow art, and making your skin GLOW which is apparent in the care and dedication in which she carries out her craft. She is Barbicide certified and has studied sanitation and sterilization to ensure a clean and safe work environment.




A career spanning over 25 years, Angelique began her career in the Health, Nutrition, Beauty & Fitness Industry at an early age of 17. Working at several prominent gyms (Capital Nautilus, Gold’s Gym, Bally’s, Lady Of America, Athletics Fitness Club), as an aerobics instructor (strength training and conditioning, body toning & sculpting, step, cardio dance), personal trainer and nutritionist, she used her background, certifications and licenses (AFAA) in Physical Fitness, Nutrition, Kinesiology and Anatomy & Physiology to assist others in their journey in health & fitness.  Angelique later garnered a successful career as a runway fashion model, she realized her success would be driven by her looks and health and added Aesthetics knowledge to her knowledge base, obtaining her licenses in Aesthetics.  This enabled her to be noticed by successful makeup and beauty lines for positions within the beauty industry, due to the intense knowledge of knowing the skin and wide array of ingredients (both natural & chemical) and medical knowledge and terminology associated with Aesthetics.

In doing this she has not only worked and traveled the globe working with and for many famous, well known fashion designers, but worked directly with such prominent brands as Lancôme Paris, M.A.C., Chanel, Laura Mercier, Erno Laszlo, among many others, as a corporate trainer, speaker and consultant within the beauty industry.


“My personal belief is give 100% in what you do, have a strong, unshakable work ethic, be proactive so you can be less reactive, work smarter, not harder, have and KNOW product knowledge for your industry, know your brand, business and demographics, build others up and share your knowledge, INSTILL and TRAIN your TEAM so that others may succeed too, pay it forward and always DO and GIVE your best and NEVER let them see you sweat or shaken, but always in full control with the ability to acclimate and handle any situation which may come your way”.


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